License Agreement for OUR-CMS system

OUR-CMS script is distributed as 'as is'. Downloading the script on the computer and using it for your own web, you agree to the following provisions of the Agreement:

  • authors and developers of this script does not bear any responsibility including criminal and material for any harm that may cause you to store and use this script.
  • You will not remove any copyright items (link to website developers - 'Powered by: OUR-CMS', or other similar meaningfully text and link) to your site. In case you want to delete this copyright fee provided on a contractual basis.
  • You have the right to distribute this script for free by any means, without removing the elements of copyright (copyright).
  • You may modify the script to fit your needs, without removing the elements of copyright (copyright).
  • you do not have the right to distribute the script, as well as modifying the script for a fee.

If you disagree with one or more of the points of agreement, you must immediately destroy all copies of the script to a computer or server, otherwise you run the risk of your website and a violation of copyright law.