Description Management System OUR-CMS

OUR-CMS is a very simple, fast, and reliable with all this free content management system (CMS) is an open source framework written in PHP and uses no database MySQL, as well as all the information is stored using text files.

The system uses an improved visual editor FCKeditor 2.6.6, which is distributed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL open source license (, where you can easily add, delete, or edit images, add archive, create tables, insert video YouTube, and perform almost all the usual operations available editors Office.

Content management system website OUR-CMS creates minimal load on the server is stable and has a very good protection against break-ins, very easy to install, configure and manage.

Due to the split of HTML and PHP are simple templates during processing system.

The system OUR-CMS perfectly optimized for SEO, automatically generates CNC for all pages, feed RSS, sitemap (sitemap.xml).