Free CMS content management system on files


OUR-CMS - CMS free on files that works fast, stable, has protection from break-ins, fully optimized for SEO, easy to install, configure and manage.

Use simple and free content management system OUR-CMS, which runs on PHP, and does not use the database MySQL, and as all the stored information using text files.

Only need to copy files to the server and the site is ready.

The main advantages of OUR-CMS:

  • Visual editor for editing pages.
  • Easy handling templates for the system.
  • Adding, deleting and editing site pages.
  • Loading files in administrator mode.
  • Automatic generation of NC for all pages.
  • Multilingual admin panel (support for Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English).
  • Changing the name of the site template, the administrator login and password.
  • Editing HTML- code basic template, concise and complete description of the blog.
  • Create RSS news feed for each blog.
  • Automatic creation of sitemaps (sitemap.xml).
  • Protection against CSRF, XSS, RFI.
  • SEO - optimization of the system: the presence of a set of measures to raise the site positions in search engines results.

Description Management System OUR-CMS

OUR-CMS is a very simple, fast, and reliable with all this free content management system (CMS) is an open source framework written in PHP and uses no database MySQL, as well as all the information is stored using text files.

The system uses an improved visual editor FCKeditor 2.6.6, which is distributed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL open source license (, where you can easily add, delete, or edit images, add archive, create tables, insert video YouTube, and perform almost all the usual operations available editors Office.

Content management system website OUR-CMS creates minimal load on the server is stable and has a very good protection against break-ins, very easy to install, configure and manage.

Due to the split of HTML and PHP are simple templates during processing system.

The system OUR-CMS perfectly optimized for SEO, automatically generates CNC for all pages, feed RSS, sitemap (sitemap.xml).

Installing the system OUR-CMS

To install OUR-CMS, you need to download the entire contents of the archive to your web server. To upload files to the server, you can use any file manager, for example - Total Commander or Far Manager. If the specifications of your hosting control panel provides site cPanel, you can simply download an archive of OUR-CMS in the root and unzip it.

After downloading, go to Control Panel by typing in the browser address:


You need to login by filling out the field Username: admin, Password: admin. Go to Settings and change the password to your.

License Agreement for OUR-CMS system

OUR-CMS script is distributed as 'as is'. Downloading the script on the computer and using it for your own web, you agree to the following provisions of the Agreement:

  • Authors and developers of this script does not bear any responsibility including criminal and material for any harm that may cause you to store and use this script.
  • You will not remove any copyright items (link to website developers - 'Powered by: OUR-CMS', or other similar meaningfully text and link) to your site.
  • You have the right to distribute this script for free by any means, without removing the elements of copyright (copyright).
  • You may modify the script to fit your needs, without removing the elements of copyright (copyright).
  • you do not have the right to distribute the script, as well as modifying the script for a fee.

If you disagree with one or more of the points of agreement, you must immediately destroy all copies of the script to a computer or server, otherwise you run the risk of your website and a violation of copyright law.

Systemic Requirements OUR-CMS system

For full script will need the following installed on the server software:

  • Support PHP;
  • Support .Htaccess;
  • Up module Mod Rewrite;
  • Available from 1 MB (without additional templates, add-ons, custom code, downloaded images for materials).

Support small donation

Dear visitors!

I want to inform you that this project is not a commercial resource, which means:

  • Copyright program receives no profit from the project;
  • project is developing as a hobby website, on enthusiasm;
  • Donations are very important for the project;

Any help project it is a good move on your part, you get at least a little, but the co-author of the project and have a direct impact on its further development.

Thank you for your support!